4 new blocks added to the library 🎉

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To improve the way to work with content we've added four brand new content blocks to the library. These content blocks open up a lot of new possibilities for creating a unique look and feel for the career sites and pages.

  • Testimonial - Show what people think about your company.

  • Timeline - Present interesting history and events.

  • FAQ - Simply add questions and answers to popular questions.

  • Company Values - Show the values in your company ❤️

Most of these sections have the ability to change the layout which gives even more personalization possibilities to your career site and pages, to make it look even better.

Add pages to your navigation

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🚀 Now you can add your campaign pages to your main navigation, giving you the chance to increase traffic to those pages. Form your career web the way you want it. Create campaign pages for your different departments, teams or roles. Add them to your main navigation and make it easy for candidates to find them.

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Integration with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free service that simplifies working with tags and scripts. With Google Tag Manager, you can collect all of your scripts in one place, instead of inserting new code to every page.

This way your team can work in one place, and manage all of your pages and scripts. Now, we're giving you the possibility to add your Google Tag Manager ID to your Teamtailor pages, allowing you to collect, track and analyze the data from your career pages.

By creating this integration, we make sure that you can stay on top of all your marketing and recruitment activities, and support those activities with the power of data.

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New sharing image

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To stand out in social media feeds are now more important than ever. Teamtailor's new feature will make your links look amazing and increase your traffic. Whenever you paste a link to your job ads to any social media, we will display a great looking image for you and your followers. It will contain the title of the job ad, location, and your apply button. 🚀

New channel: Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the biggest social platforms with more than 300 million users. Publishing your job ads on Snapchat is a great opportunity to show your company to young, trend-driven candidates. Plus, you can do it with only one click. We are so excited to introduce our newest channel to Promote!


New: Merge candidates

Merge candidates .png

Yay! 🎉Now you can merge candidate profiles into one profile, to keep your candidate database organized. Teamtailor will give you the option to merge the candidates if there are two or more profiles with the same email address and/or phone number. You can also merge candidates manually. This will help you stay organized! 🙏

Read more on our blog.

New: Mobile app 🎉

Great news! We are launching our very first app for iPhones. It’s an easy-to-use mobile app for communicating with your candidates instantly. It is now available in the app store.

With this first release of the app, you will be able to:

  • See all candidates
  • See candidates’ profile, pitch, contact information, jobs they applied for, answers to questions, resumé and documents
  • Receive and send messages
  • See reviews and star ratings

You will receive push notifications when you receive:

  • New messages from candidates
  • New application for a job (if you are in the hiring team)
  • When a candidate gets hired (if you are in the hiring team)

We look forward to you using our app, let us know what you think!

Bulk Action Status

We've added a status bar to bulk actions!

Now, when you do a bulk job you can see the progress of that job so you always know what the status is.

You can also show and hide the status bar so it doesn't get in your way while you are managing candidates.


bulk status.png

New design for your actions

We have improved the usability and look of our action menu 🎉 When you select one or several candidates, you will see the new menu that lets you select which action you would like to take. You can choose to move, message, share and much more, in an instant. The new design gives you a better and more consistent workflow in Teamtailor. Hope you'll like it!

New bulk action design.png

Data & Privacy with request my data

We believe that the candidate should have control of their data so we crafted a brand new feature called Data & Privacy. We grouped all information regarding the candidate's data and privacy, such as Privacy policy, Cookie policy, request to remove data and request to retrieve their data.

The feature Request my data provides the possibility for candidates to request all information that they have provided to the company. The candidate only needs to enter their email and we will send them all data the candidate has provided, like jobs they applied to, cover letters, links to resumes and answers they shared, and more.

As a recruiter you will see if a candidate has requested any information on the candidate profile, in the activity log. Enjoy 🎉

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