Teamtailor updates
Teamtailor updates

Brand new filters in Candidates




It just got a lot easier to filter and browse through your candidates 🥳 The new filters give you the possibility to:

  • Use more filter options
  • Exclude information
  • See filtered candidates and segments at the same time
  • Filter on several departments and locations

Read more about filters here.

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Add candidates faster and easier 🤩




We've just released an update that gives you several new and useful features when adding candidates. The parser has been improved to make results more accurate and even faster than before. Drag and drop one or several candidates to add them to jobs or your talent pool.

Read our blog post.

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Job offer approvals




Make sure that everyone that needs to be involved in the process is ready to make an offer to your candidate. Request their approval on the job offer before sending them out to your candidate 🥳 Get all the approvals that you need and the job offer will automatically be sent to the candidate. Set up default and custom flows that match the job's criterias. Read more in this blog post.


Block library 📚




We improved the way you work with blocks and layouts so you easier can build the pages you want — see what you’re adding — before you add it. In the library (that you reach from the same add-new-block-button in the editor) you can browse all layouts in one go or narrow it down per category. We will make sure to feature new and noteworthy layouts.

We also improved some of the blocks inputs in the editor.

Other than that were looking into filling up the new library with new layouts and adjustments. Also… layout switch, mobile preview, adjustments previews.

Stay tuned :)

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Customisable career site navigation




It is now possible to edit and re-order the career site menu links 🥳

You can rename them to anything you want, hide those that aren't relevant or add new links to any published page on your career site. The changes you make will affect both the links in the header menu and in the footer.


Preview candidate cards on hover ✨




Hover on a candidate's name anywhere in Teamtailor to see a quick preview of their candidate card. You can see the candidate's name, picture and available contact details at the top. You can also view any upcoming meetings, your to-do and the last three activities related to that candidate.


Add description to your to-dos




Your to-dos just got more awesome 🎉. You can now add a description to your to-dos to make them more detailed and easier to follow. The new description field support text formatting, (un)ordered lists as well as links.


Pipeline reports 📊




Our Analytics platform just got a big upgrade!

You can now gather insights about your recruitment pipeline with these 3 new reports:

  • Pipeline overview: Daily snapshots of where your candidates are in the hiring process.
  • Pipeline speed: Average time candidates spend in each stage.
  • Pipeline conversion: A funnel view that shows how candidates progress through stages.


Head over to the "Analytics" tab and you'll find them under the "Recruitment" section 🔍 Read more about this update in our blog post.

Badge & banner 💡




Our latest widgets, badge and banner, is great for highlighting that you’re hiring. Use them on any other site and draw more traffic to your career site and jobs.


  • Badge comes with number and text option
  • Banner comes with text and custom link option

You’ll find them in Settings. Put them in the color of you choice and grab the code to paste.

Meet our new Nurture Campaign Interface 👋




Nurture Campaigns have been redesigned to be more user-friendly and to provide some useful insights to help you track your nurture campaigns' impact.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Brand new design: A more user-friendly design that allows you to easily navigate and sort through your nurture campaigns.
  • New email step modal: New email creation model supporting email templates.
  • New campaign exit criteria: We've added "When a candidate connects with company" exit criteria that make a candidate exit a campaign when they connect with your company.
  • New statistics: We've introduced some new global and individual campaign statistics to have better insights into how they perform. The statistics include:
    1. Total candidates: refers to the number of candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.
    2. Emails sent: is the number of emails sent to candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.
    3. Open rate: refers to the ratio between the number of emails opened and the number of emails sent by candidates within a campaign.
    4. Meeting booked: refers to the number of meetings sent to candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.
    5. Job offers made: is the number of job offers sent to candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.
    6. Candidates hired: is the number of hired candidates that belong to all/individual nurture campaigns.