NPS – Net Promoter Score

We have just released a brand new feature for you to measure your NPS 🎉

Unhappy candidates are likely to speak badly about your brand, which could be devastating for your future recruitment processes and your growth. Get to know what your candidates really think of you and take action.

Send NPS surveys to candidates and measure what they think of your recruitment process. Get a full overview of all your scores and feedback, respond and take action. Learn more and get started.


Indeed sponsored promotion

Indeed is a search engine for jobs. It is currently available in over 60 countries and 28 languages. It aggregates job listings from thousands of websites, including job boards, staffing firms, associations, and company career pages. Now you are able to highlight your job in indeed application just by one simple click 🎉.


Hide personal details when sharing candidates

We have added an option to hide personal information (name, email, phone and picture) when sharing a candidate. Now you can make sure that you get an unbiased opinion from the people you choose to share the candidate with. If you want to exclude personal information, deselect "Show personal information" when you share the candidate.

Please note that other information might also include personal information, like CV and LinkedIn, so turn off those options as well if you want to make sure all personal information is gone.

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Introducing Bulk Meetings

Ever wanted to schedule a meeting with a big group of candidates or let many candidates pick their own time at once? Now you can!

We are introducing bulk meetings! Now you can select many candidates and schedule a meeting for all of them at once. Set a specific time and invite all of them to a group meeting.

Or do you want to have separate meetings in different times and want your candidates to pick the time that suits them? Select your slots and send the invitation, and they will be able to select the perfect time for them. As soon as someone picks a time, others will not be able to select that specific time.

Fast and easy!

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Mobile application update

Candidate notes

Make a note on a candidate and mention your team mates about what you think. Notes is a great way of keeping track of the impressions you and your team members have about a candidate, and now you can add them on the go.

Candidate reviews

Rating candidates makes it easier to find your top candidates (or filter out the bottom ones) when it’s time to hire.

New candidate profile design

We’ve updated the look and feel on the candidate profile so it’s easier to read. Also, it just looks a lot better than before. 🎉

Improved performance

Loading candidate and message conversations was previously very slow. (We know, it bugged us as much as it probably did you). Loading should almost feel instant these days.

That’s it for this release. Enjoy and please give us feedback of what you think about the new features or if there’s something that you miss in our mobile application.


Create a default template for your jobs

We are proud to introduce the new way of managing jobs and templates. Now you can forget about copying images, stages, triggers etc. to every new template you create. You can just edit your default template and everything will be copied automatically every time you create a new job. Choose between your Default template for all jobs, or your Custom templates for specific roles, departments etc.

Your new job templates can be found in Settings --> Job Templates.


New: Release your creativity with Custom block

Our new Custom block opens up for your creativity and makes almost everything possible 🎉

Screen Recording 2018-12-10 at 03.54 PM.gif

Example of the custom block with a ticking clock

Simply create a Custom block on a page and then adjust the content by editing the HTML, CSS and JS.

New job ad layout


We've improved the way your job ad is presented to your candidates. Now you can choose between two options for your job ad cover:

  • Full width
  • Small

You can play with various options for your job's cover image, such as background color, text color and opacity to make it look the best and stand out between other job ads!


Make sure to add a pitch to your job in order to briefly tell something about the job and let it display in the job ad cover.


4 new blocks added to the library 🎉

Skärmavbild 2018-10-20 kl. 17.38.45.png

To improve the way to work with content we've added four brand new content blocks to the library. These content blocks open up a lot of new possibilities for creating a unique look and feel for the career sites and pages.

  • Testimonial - Show what people think about your company.

  • Timeline - Present interesting history and events.

  • FAQ - Simply add questions and answers to popular questions.

  • Company Values - Show the values in your company ❤️

Most of these sections have the ability to change the layout which gives even more personalization possibilities to your career site and pages, to make it look even better.

Add pages to your navigation

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🚀 Now you can add your campaign pages to your main navigation, giving you the chance to increase traffic to those pages. Form your career web the way you want it. Create campaign pages for your different departments, teams or roles. Add them to your main navigation and make it easy for candidates to find them.

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