Tag manager improvements

You might have noticed the new tabs in the Tag manager. Now we've added and changed a few more things regarding tags.

What's new?

  • A settings page has been added, where you can choose your company's preferred tag format.

  • You can make a tag available on all taggables (Candidates, Jobs, Blog posts), instead of just one when creating or editing.

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 08.44.16.png

Screenshot 2020-10-21 at 09.57.21.png

Granular private note permissions 🔒

We've improved how private notes work so that you can pick exactly the right people for your message before posting!

This makes it easier to have conversations about a candidate with specific users of your company.

Admins will continue to be able to see all private notes.

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 11.57.03.png

Remote status for jobs

We just released an update that makes it possible to add remote status to a job. This will help your candidates to easily identify a job better suited for their current needs.




Integration with Linkedin RSC is here 🎉

We are proud to share with you our new integration with Linkedin Recruiter System Connect (RSC). It allows you to sync candidates between Teamtailor and Linkedin and publish TT jobs on the LI platform 🎉 To get the instructions on how to enable this integration, follow this link https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/product-update/recruiting-and-candidate-search-tool/teamtailor

For more information about our integration, check our support page https://support.teamtailor.com/en/articles/4492408

CleanShot 2020-10-02 at 13.36.56.png

New integration with CWJobs

Today we are extending our marketplace with new channel: CWJobs. 🎉 It is UK’s leading specialist tech recruitment website for both permanent and contract jobseekers across all sectors. They offer recruiters and employers a fast and effective recruitment solution for their next recruitment campaign.🎈


A new Data & privacy center for candidates

To give a better overview of all things related to candidate data storage permission and privacy, we are today releasing the new Data & privacy center available from each candidate profile. When all is good, this new button will be displayed like this:

Bret Renner | All candidates | Candidates | Teamtailor 2020-09-28 09-41-13.png

When there are any permission or privacy related warnings for a candidate, this button will be displayed as a warning, and a hint of the warnings is displayed:

applicant@example.com | All candidates | Candidates | Teamtailor 2020-09-28 09-57-01.png

Clicking the button will open up the Data & privacy report:

John Doe | All candidates | Candidates | Teamtailor 2020-09-28 10-07-53.png

There are 4 sections here;

  1. Permission – to see when the candidate permission to store their data expires. And if it expired, see when, and Renew it using the buttons.

  2. Future jobs consent – if you enabled this setting under "Approval checkboxes" the candidate consent will be displayed here.

  3. Removal requested – if the candidate was asked to be removed, the date of the removal request will be displayed here.

  4. Automatic deletion – if the candidate will be automatically removed according to your settings this will be displayed here along with the reason for removal.

Learn more in our Support center

Option lists as custom fields

We've added two new field types to the custom fields collection: Select and Multi Select. 🎉

Use Select when you want to be able to set a single predefined value on a candidate and Multi Select when there should be possible to select more than one value.

Here's an example of how a Multi Select looks on the candidate:


You'll find them along with the other custom fields, under Settings. Enjoy!

Change url for your Pages

To give users more control over the pages we have now made it possible to change url of them. You find it under Page -> Settings -> General. It works for blank pages and campaigns.


SEO settings

We have improved your control over SEO settings for your pages. By bringing in a new settings view where you can update the title and description. With this change we have also made it possible for you to change the name of a page in your content overview.


Better content pages overview

We just released an update that gives you a better overview of all your pages. You can easily view only the pages your interested in by selecting a category in the left side menu.

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 13.21.34.png